Reliable innovation. Personal solutions
Those four words involve a depth meaning. They are a commitment with our customers, employees and society that encourage us to promote the development of the electric sector to solve future energy needs.
With personalized solutions to the needs of each customer and circumstances, and above all with solutions more away of the products, that are our way to do the things and that correspond with this unconditional commitment.
Ormazabal, is in the XXI Century, one international company, with presence in more than 20 countries that search the success of their customers through the innovation and the collaboration.
Founded in 1967, Ormazabal is the origin of velatia, an international group of industrial and technological companies.
In 2004 Ormazabal enhanced its global and competitive capabilities with the acquisition of Moeller Anlagentechnik GmbH –former F&G–.
This milestone brought us more than 100 years of experience.
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We are a company specialized in the electric sector focused on innovation. We anticipate the needs of the sector, thanks to our commitment and involvement with our customers, partners, employees and society.


We encourage the development of the electric sector to solve future energy needs.
Our Highlights

Our Highlights

Foundation: 1967
Consolidated Experience: more than 100 years
Workforce: 1500 people
Worldwide presence: > 100 cities
Commercial offices: > 20 countries
Industrial facilities: In 5 continents
High Power Laboratory: Most modern worldwide (2008)
Own Technology and Highly Qualified team