Dispatchable RES Background:
Dispatchable RES projects like biomass or small hydro, involves the connection of small-scale power generation technologies to the distribution network.
The power is usually generated close to where it is used. Often it is consumed on the network to which it is connected, without having to be increased in voltage for transmission over long distances.
Many existing distribution networks require modification to cater for the new generation sources. Dispatchable power generation using small-scale technology is increasing and connecting large amounts of generation to existing distribution networks is often problematic. Ensure adequate clearance of faults, and issues associated with the voltage profiles are safety issues that arise. Since undispatchable RES, such as, wind and solar always needs back up generation, the popularity of dispatchable RES remains unchanged or even has a tendency to increase.
Medium voltage Dispatchable RES solutions supplied by Ormazabal provide the safest level of continuity and stability to the grid thanks to our fully insulated technology. Today several Biomass and Small Hydro power plants throughout the world run by means of our wide range of solutions.
Ormazabal provides high efficient solutions to connect power generated on small scale power projects to the electric grid. From the complete power generation and interconnection up to the collector substation to the general grid.
Dispatchable RES Milestone:
  • Worldwide proven technology in most challenging and recognized Biomass and Small Hydro projects.
  • Our long experience in most challenging RES worldwide projects is suitable to contribute in dispatchable energy generation.
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