Wind Energy Background:
A wind farm is made up of several turbine sets distributed over a moderate geographical area with each turbine producing a small-medium amount of power from 0.5 to 3 MW in onshore wind farms and 2-7 MW in last offshore wind energy projects.
Initial capital expenditure (CAPEX) and on-going maintenance-operational expenditure (OPEX) are critical issues to take into account in the election of the electrical balance of system. For this reason, the solution for turbine and grid interconnection has to be as most efficient as possible.
MV wind energy solutions supplied by Ormazabal with almost 20 years of experience in wind energy sector provides to the wind farm developer and turbine manufacturer, the highest optimization of operational expenditures (OPEX) due to low level of maintenance.
Today over 700 onshore and 26 offshore wind farms throughout the world run by means of our wide range of solutions representing more than 15 GW installed.
From the complete interconnection of the whole wind farm up to the collector substation of energy generated, Ormazabal will support you with the highest efficient solution.
Wind Energy Milestones:
  • Pioneering onshore and leader offshore wind farms provider of medium voltage switchgear and solutions.
  • We have almost 20 years of experience in wind energy projects (First supply in 1995 onshore wind farm).
  • 26 Offshore wind farms in operation equipped with our medium voltage equipment.
  • More than 700 Onshore wind farms installed worldwide.
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