Smart Grid Background:
The aim of the intelligent networks or smart grids leads to generate and to share electrical energy in a more efficient, reliable, cleaner and safer way.
In the value chain of smart grids, it converges and coexists the different sectors, such as, information technology applications, communications, electronics and electrical technologies.
Ormazabal collaborates in several innovative projects and provides solutions focused on improving the efficiency of energy distribution in our continuously changing environment as driver and dynamic factor for smart grids.
Smart Grids are considered to be an optimized version of the electricity grid capable of providing the transition to a safer, more reliable, efficient and sustainable energy system.
Ormazabal provides high efficient solutions to the smartization of current urban electric networks. From the accommodation all generation and storage options, up to enabling the integration of greater quantity of renewable sources and a growing number of electric vehicles, managing the intermittent nature of their patterns, and minimizing the environmental impact of building up additional grid capacity.
Smart Grid Milestones:
  • Our technology allows the integration of new users in the network.
  • Our innovative solutions drive the efficiency of the network operation.
  • Our experienced products reinforce the safety of the grid, the control and quality of supply.
  • We focus on optimizing the plan of investments for the electrical network improvement.
  • We work for the improvement of the market working and the customer service.
  • Our objective is the promotion of the consumer participation in the energy management.
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