Transmission and Distribution Background:
With more than 100 years of experience in T&D segment, Ormazabal is one of the best worldwide suppliers in providing medium voltage (MV) products and services to conventional electric network.
As reference for top current electric utilities of world, our commitment is to follow into the development of the electric network of the future. Our know-how and proven technology support the utilities’ mission statement, working together with close relationships with the purpose of obtaining the highest level of energy supply to domestic users.
Electric power systems, which are growing in size and complexity, will be always exposed to failures of their components. In the case of a failure, the faulty element should be disconnected from the rest of the sound system in order to minimize the damage of the faulty element and to remove the emergency situation for the entire system.
Medium voltage transmission and distribution solutions supplied by Ormazabal provide the safest level of continuity and stability to the network.
Ormazabal provides high efficient solutions to transmit and distribute energy generated in the generation process. We provide solutions from the generation plants to energy consumption, from transmission substations to distribution transformer substations.
Transmission and Distribution Milestones:
  • Pioneer in extensible GIS switchgear and one of the four leading supplier in the world.
  • Over 1 300 000 switchgear are distributing electricity in five continents.
  • Leader of electricity supply to residential consumers in Spain, France and Germany.
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