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We are a pioneering company with a clear focus on technological development and innovation.

Ormazabal's history goes hand-in-hand with the evolution of our technological achievements. This can be clearly seen in the number of patents we have registered, some of which have revolutionised the electricity industry, such as our extendible cubicles with GIS technology.

This innovative spirit spreads throughout the organisation and forms part of culture at the company. In 1992 Ormazabal developed a revolutionary system to connect integrated insulation cubicles known as ormalink. Thanks to ormalink, two gas insulation cubicles can be connected in record time, without any need to manipulate the gas in the facility and with an excellent connection guaranteed.

The aim of our Research and Technology Centre (CIT) is to identify, acquire and disseminate process technologies and strategic products throughout the organisation. This commitment to R&D&I was further bolstered in 2008 with the setting up of the Electrotechnical Power Laboratory (HPL), one of the most cutting-edge laboratories in the world.

Moreover, since 2014 our Research and Technology Centre has counted on new facilities: the demonstration and experimentation unit (UDEX).

The idea behind the UDEX unit is to have a fully configurable, independent medium voltage grid to allow tests for new technologies, products and services to be developed and carried out in a safe, controlled environment.

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Innovation is part of our DNA