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Develop a low-level device to reduce noise in urban rail environments - OPANEL


The noise generated by railway infrastructures in urban environments, with its consequent discomfort for the population, has become more important as a result of recent legislation which makes it obligatory to identify the areas where the population suffers from this unwanted noise throughout Europe and what action plans there are to mitigate the acoustic impact.
This is how OPANEL started out; it is a project led by Uniblok, an Ormazabal company, with the collaboration of the Tecnalia Technology Centre, whose objective is to put an end to this problem through the development of a device to reduce noise. This solution also aims to reduce the problems of implementation found in traditional products such as high-rise acoustic barriers, which end up being ineffective and have a negative visual impact, reaching heights of up to 4 metres next to houses by railway lines. Therefore, Uniblok is developing a less intrusive solution with similar or greater effectiveness than what currently exists.
OPANEL aims to solve these technical and safety problems by means of a low-level sound-reducing device intended for installation in railway environments where noise is caused both by friction, at low speed, between the train wheels and the railway track, and the vibration of the train elements themselves. The solution must meet international standards, in order to position Uniblok as a benchmark in this field, thereby allowing for internationalization of the product.

To this end, Uniblok is relying on the technical specifications that the railway infrastructure managers themselves allow in the vicinity of the tracks and the train itself, in order to achieve as a final result a mini acoustic barrier model that stops the propagation of the noise generated by the lower elements of the train as well as that generated by the elements that make up the structure of the track. The result of the OPANEL project must also overcome some of the main problems of conventional acoustic screens, such as installation space, deep foundations or obstruction in case of evacuation.
Project funded by
The OPANEL project has been co-financed by ERDF Funds and the Regional Government of Castilla-La Mancha. FEDER OPANEL