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Development of a Smart CBT for low-voltage network management - SCBT

ZL-2019/00789 / ZL-2020/00077


The SCBT project is led by ORMAZABAL as part of the Basque Regional Government's "HAZITEK" programme. It is carried out during 2019-2021.


This project aims to define, design, develop and validate a complete solution for a smart low-voltage switchboard (SCBT) that allows total monitoring, control and protection of the increasingly demanding requirements of low-voltage networks.


The project is organised in 3 main blocks:

  1. Design and develop a low-voltage switchboard with fuse protection, sensorised for monitoring quasi-real time network parameters such as V, I, P, Q, E. This is the basic low-voltage switchboard, which forms the basis for switchboards capable of operating on the low-voltage network.
  2. Design and develop a low-voltage switchboard with circuit-breaker protection in each low-voltage line output.
  3. Design and develop a low-voltage switchboard with load break switch and fuses. This is a switchboard in which operability of the low-voltage network is provided by the switch for each low-voltage output line, and protection from high value faults is provided by the fuse. In the case of low value faults, e.g. single-phase faults, the switch would act before the fuse detects the fault.
Project funded by

The SCBT project is co-funded by the BASQUE REGIONAL GOVERNMENT and the EUROPEAN UNION through the European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020 (FEDER)

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