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The arrival of Ormazabal in the Argentine market has led to a qualitative leap in technology, as all medium-voltage equipment used in public and private distribution was, until then, air insulated.

Ormazabal introduces the concept of fully gas-insulated modular switchgear, world-leading technology developed in house, to provide innovative solutions with clear improvements in terms of safety, maintenance and personalisation.

We were the first company to introduce the concept of "internal arc withstand" in Argentina, as expressed in the former Standard IEC 60298 (now IEC 62271-200), given that the standard configuration of our equipment includes this characteristic.

Another obvious contribution of Ormazabal to the Argentine electrical distribution market has been the introduction of the "transformer substation" concept, as the first company to develop prefabricated, factory-tested solutions.
Over 15 000 medium-voltage cubicles, 1200 prefabricated transformer substations are already installed in the Argentine electricity networks and we have produced over 20 turnkey 33 / 13.2 kV substationsSee more


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