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In 1967 Ormazabal was created as a global solution provider for the generation, transmission and distribution of the electrical network, contributing to a responsible and sustainable use of electric energy.

We quickly realised that proximity with the customer should be one of our main marks of identity, which brought about the creation of a wide network of branches stretching across the entire Spanish territory.

A team of innovative and highly-qualified professionals have been developing and implementing our own products and solutions since the creation of the company, achieving more efficient smart cities, infrastructures and industries among other exploits, together with our clients.

Ormazabal, as a leader of customised solutions for utilities, electricity end users and applications for renewable energy systems, promotes the development of the electric segment with respect to satisfying the challenges of tomorrow's energy needs.
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Pol. Industrial San Marcos/C. Morse esq. Franklin
28906 GETAFE (Madrid)
España + 34 91 695 92 00

Delegación A Coruña

LT51 Workspace, La Telva 2C - PL 1 - OF 06-07
15181 Cambre, A Coruña +34 981 16 81 51

Delegación Alicante

C/ Saturno nº 15
03007 Alicante +34 96 528 66 99

Delegación Barcelona

C/ Ronda Sant Pere, nº 19-21, P. 4ª - 2ª 
Plaza Urquinaona
08010 Barcelona +34 93 412 76 67

Delegación Bilbao

Pol. Ugarte, Pab. A12. Barrio Barrondo  
48480 Zaratamo (Bizkaia) +34 94 671 31 71

Delegación Illes Balears

C/San Miguel nº 30, 6º G
07002 Palma de Mallorca +34 971 72 14 16