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Ormazabal's activities in Turkey date back to the early 1990s. The first Ormazabal brand 36kV modular RMU was installed in the METU Rectorship garden and was put into operation by TEDAŞ in 1994. The Ormazabal brand entered the Turkish market with the supply of RMUs for TEDAŞ and Kayseri ve Civarı Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş. via two different distributors.

Ormazabal started its activities in Turkey with the "Mono-block Concrete Transformer Station" production plant established in Ankara with 100% Spanish capital stock in
1999. Furthermore, marketing, installation and maintenance services for OG Primary and Secondary Switch Systems manufactured in Spain have been supplied in Turkey since 1999. In Turkey, Ormazabal has grown substantially by following the delegation model based on the "living with the customer" principle, which is applied in Spain. Marketing, installation and maintenance activities are provided mainly in Ankara as the centre, in the Istanbul Sales Office, Izmir Sales and Logistics Centre.

There is also a small test laboratory for routine tests at the Izmir Logistics Centre. The Engineering and Commitment group was established in Izmir with a different structure in 2011. In 2012, the relevant group received its first project "Sakarya 2.OSB A.G.-Y.G. Electric Infrastructure, Scada and Counter Automation and Lighting Network Construction Work". With its contribution to the development of the Turkish electric distribution industry for the last twenty years, Ormazabal continues to be the leading brand in the compact/modular RMU market. Today, we are proud of to have Ormazabal brand RMUs or transformer cubicles on nearly every corner in Turkey.

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As the biggest, global 36 kV gas-insulated cell manufacturer, Ormazabal has been operating in our country (where 36 kV was chosen as the main electric distribution voltage years ago) for 20 years to modernize the electric network. Some of the products that Ormazabal has introduced in Turkey since 1993 for electric distribution networks, are precast concrete OG/AG transformer cubicles, precast concrete underground transformer stations, AG vertical load disconnectors, complete gas-insulated compact and modular RMUs and OG gas-insulated primary switch cubicles (GIS).


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