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Ormazabal is strongly rooted in the United Kingdom thanks to the long-lasting partnership with the main worldclass players in the renewable industry.

Since 1998 and together with its former distributor EPDL, Ormazabal has contributed to the successful deployment of the wind farm industry across the United Kingdom. The numerous on- and off-shore generation plants that rely on our own developed technology position us as a well-known player in the field.

In order to consolidate our growth and expansion into different market segments Ormazabal acquired EPDL in 2012. Now Ormazabal UK, Ltd. provides standard and tailor-made medium voltage and smart grid solutions as well as knowledgeable customer service and support throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland, through our highly innovative engineering team, R&D, manufacturing and logistics facilities.

Our commitment to create a better community and a more reliable and efficient electrical grid are a sign of our identity in the United Kingdom.
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United Kingdom

Electrical Utilities

Transmission and distribution UK

» UK Power Networks (UKPN):
• Strangeways primary SS
• Romford primary SS
» Western Power Distribution (WPD)
• Kingsley Holt primary SS
• Chelveston primary SS
• Oldbury primary SS
» Scottish Power Network (SPN)
• Morebattle SS, Scottish Borders
» Northern Power Grid (NPG)
» Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE)
» Electricity Northwest (ENW)
» North Ireland Electricity (NIE)


Wind On-shore UK

» Aikengall                         » An Suidhe
» Ardrossan                       » Arnish Moor
» Artfield Fell                     » Bambers
» Beinn Tharsuinn             » Bicker Fen
» Boulfruich                       » Braes O’ Doune
» Braich Ddu                     » Burgar Hill
» Burton Wold                   » Cairnmore
» Callagheen                     » Caton Moor
» Causeymire                    » Clachan Flats
» Coldham                         » Crystal Rig
» Deeping St Nicholas      » Deucheran Hill
» Dummuie                       » Earlsburn
» Farr                                » Fallago Rig
» Fen Farm                       » Fullabrook
» Garves                           » Glenkerie
» Glens of Foudland          » Hadyard Hill
» Hellrigg                           » Higher Darracott
» Kilbraur                           » Lindhurst
» Lisheen Mines                » Lissett Airfield
» Little Cheyne Court        » Lochelbank
» Low Spinney                  » Maesgwyn
» Millennium                     » Milton Keynes
» Moel Maelogen              » Mynydd Clogau
» North Pickenham           » Out Newton
» Paul’s Hill                       » Ransonmoor
» Red House                    » Red Tile
» Rothes                           » Scout Moor
» Slieve Rushen               » Stags Holt
» Tangy                             » The Hollies
» Wardlaw Wood              » Warrells Hill
» Westmill                         » Winscales Moor
» Wolf Bog                        » WWF Roskrow Barton
» Mynnyd WF                    » Weston
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Electrical Energy End Users

Infrastructures UK

» Port of Liverpool
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