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ekor.soft v1.18

Configuration software for protection and integrated control units for ekorsys family

What You Can Do

Display of the phase currents and zero-sequence measurements carried out by the equipment.

Presentation of the voltage detection status (presence/ absence) in integrated control units.

Settings for the available protection and detection functions

Display of the status of the inputs.

Direct actuation on the outputs of the ekor.rci and units.

Creation of setting files in «Emulation» mode, enabling to save the units' setting files configured in «Connection» mode. Additionally, ekor.soft enables to open the files generated in «Connection» as well as «Emulation» and to upload files to the unit to be configured. units) as well as recording of these settings in a MS Word text document

Display of the event log of the faults detected by the protection or integrated control unit.

Carrying out of input / output tests from a dispatching centre.

System Requirements

Processor: Pentium II

RAM memory: 32 Mb

Operating system: MS WINDOWS

CD-ROM / DVD unit

RS-232 serial port

Administration permissions