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RES | 16 May 2017

In 2016 Ormazabal supplied photovoltaic solutions in over 13 countries

Improved energy costs continue with renewable energies. Renewable energies are becoming the most accessible source of energy in many parts of the world. In 2016, global renewable energy based on solar photovoltaic energy (PV) experienced significant growth, and it is now increasingly considered to be a competitive, reliable source of energy.
Ormazabal, as one of the main suppliers of medium-voltage solutions for solar photovoltaic energy (particularly for large or utility-scale plants), supplied products and services in 2016 which overall amounted to 300 MW in more than 13 countries including France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Chile, Jordan, Mexico, Australia, Turkey, Senegal and Panama. By the end of 2016, Ormazabal had supplied over 5 GW in solar photovoltaic energy facilities.
With 15 years' experience in the solar photovoltaic energy sector, our personalised solutions provide the maximum level of continuity and stability of service for all customers.