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Public Distribution | 1 Sep 2014

33/13.2 kV 2x10 MVA Villa Flandria Substation

We carried out retrofitting and extension of the Villa Flandria substation belonging to the Luján utility which is responsible for distribution of electric power and carries out its activity in the district of Luján, located 60 km from Buenos Aires.
The Villa Flandría substation supplies the city of the same name and the other towns in the Luján district such as Jáuregui, Loreto, Cortinez, Olivera and the capital Luján with electric power.
Due to the increasing demand for electricity, the substation was experiencing serious difficulty in fulfilling its function.
From the technical point of view the following products and services were supplied on a turnkey basis once the bid submitted by Ormazabal had been awarded the contract in the public tender process.
·         Group of 33 kV of the system cgm.3 made up of five vacuum circuit-breakers for feeder inputs and outputs, two longitudinal couplings and a fuse-protected output for auxiliary services.
·         Group of 13.2 kV cgmcosmos system cubicles made up of ten vacuum circuit-breakers for feeder inputs and outputs, one longitudinal coupling and two busbar voltage metering modules.
·         Electronic multifunction protection units for both groups of cubicles interconnected by an IEC 61850 communications protocol.
·         Auxiliary services transformer including the required protection, control and connection components.
·         48 Vdc auxiliary service units (rectifiers, batteries, chargers, protection and control devices), cable laying and connection.
·         MR automatic voltage regulators and their control systems associated with both transformers.
·         Remote control and communications board with supply of hardware, software and creation of the database customised to the client's needs.
·         Configuration of all protection, metering, control and communications equipment.
·         Laying and connection of all power and remote control conductors between the control room and the 33 and 13.2 kV sides of the two new 10 MVA transformers.
·         Construction and connection of a new earthing grid.
·         Civil works refurbishment to adapt the control room to accommodate the new array of cubicles.
·         Concreting of the new transformer apron and cable ducts.
·         New interior and exterior lighting installation for the substation.
·         New wiring with underground cables from the overhead line terminal poles to the control output cubicles.
·         General interconnection, configuration and commissioning.
Due to the use of gas-insulated switchgear and cutting-edge operating equipment that are not affected by the aggressive environment, power increases or the number of inputs and outputs, the Utility will be capable of providing an uninterrupted power supply to the cities even in the event of unforeseen circumstances.