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Electric Vehicle | 28 Jun 2022

Accelerating the decarbonisation of transport as a means to climate neutrality


One out of every four tonnes of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere is produced by passenger and freight transport, something we can change by relying on European industry and technology.

This is a time for bold decisions. A unique opportunity to step on the accelerator to reach the goal of climate neutrality in time. If we want to achieve this goal by 2050 - as set out in the so-called European Green Deal - we must address the problem of pollution from the transport sector, whose emissions account for one in every four tonnes of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere and are expected to grow by 60% by that date.

Not by chance, at the beginning of June 2022, the European Parliament approved a prohibition on the sale of combustion and hybrid vehicles from 2035 onwards, making it clear that the future is electric and sustainable. There is no other way.

Bearing in mind such a challenge of achieving clean and sustainable mobility, the transport sector demands a strong transformation that requires the current levels of greenhouse gas emissions to be reduced until they disappear in the coming decades. A decarbonisation of transport in which we must ensure affordable mobility solutions for citizens.

This will affect all means of transport we know in the short and medium term. Our personal vehicles, buses, lorries, heavy duty vehicles and commercial fleets, such as taxis or logistic transports, will have to be replaced by environmentally friendly alternatives. In other words, we will say goodbye to the model based on fossil fuels to welcome mobility based on the electric and hydrogen model.

While replacing the vehicle fleet with a sustainable one is already a gigantic challenge, we cannot contemplate this energy transition without taking into account the necessary infrastructures for its success.

There can be no electric mobility without a public and private charging infrastructure to support the demand for a type of consumption that will multiply year after year. We must provide the citizens with a reliable recharging network for electric vehicles. An infrastructure present in residential and commercial car parks, petrol stations, supermarkets, airports, hotels, workplaces...

There is no other way than to provide our electrical grid with the tools to guarantee reliable and sustainable consumption thanks to a fast and ultra-fast recharging infrastructure available to all users.

For this, we must increase our focus on strengthening the electrical grid, which will inevitably undergo disruptions in energy distribution, as it is affected by an increase in demand and by the possible disturbances that power electronics equipment, intended for electric vehicles, can generate in the voltage waveform.

Our grid will not be the same when Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) and photovoltaic generation start to manage peak demand and optimise electricity price variation. Neither will it be when the batteries of electric vehicles will be able to provide energy when it is not being used, giving service and flexibility to the grid. Neither will it be the same when fleets of heavy vehicles require ultra-fast recharging infrastructures to guarantee the transport of goods and people. But for all this, we need to take care of our network by investing in it. 

A goal that, while ambitious, has the industrial and technological know-how and support of an experienced industrial sector. An example of this is our work at Ormazabal, with 55 years of experience developing solutions for electrical infrastructure.

As a supplier, at Ormazabal we offer turnkey and customised grid connection station solutions to promotors and developers. With capabilities and presence in the main European countries, at Ormazabal we are able to support the roll-out of fast and ultra-fast charging infrastructures of key European players.

As technical experts and advisors to utilities, at Ormazabal we develop digital native products to provide infrastructures with more flexible, intelligent, connected and responsive energy systems.

Let's rely on the experience and technology of our industry. We hold the key to a world without emissions. Let's make it happen.

Roland Lavigne.
Head of E-mobility Ormazabal