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Partners | 3 Oct 2013

ALiA2 project of Iberdrola Ingeniería

Ormazabal is actively participating, together with other companies and research centers, in the Iberdrola Ingeniería ALiA2 project, an innovative R&D initiative focussing on the large scale storage of electricity.
The objective of the ambitious initiative is to construct a lithium-ion storage system with a capacity of several megawatt hours (MWh), able to deliver a power greater than that stored within 10 minutes. Once it is up and running, the new method will be the most powerful and reliable method available on the market.
The first stage of the project has already been successfully completed. This consisted in the design and construction of the prototype for a lithium-ion battery able to store up to 150 kilowatts hour (kWh).
Reliable alternative

The new system is of particular relevance for electricity generation and distribution companies, who will be able to use it in production plants, substations and transformer centers. In addition, the battery will be a useful and reliable alternative to the electricity supply in the event of a power failure, in infrastructures such as hospitals, trains, shopping centers, etc.