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Public Distribution | 17 Jul 2014

CFE-LAPEM Approval

Ormazabal has recently obtained the CFE-LAPEM recognition for cpg fully gas-insulated cubicles in Mexico according to the standard VM6700-71, Tableros Aislados en Gas SF6 para Media Tensión (VM6700-71, SF6 gas-insulated panels for medium voltage).  LAPEM (Equipment and Materials Test Laboratory) is a Federal Electricity Commission organisation that provides specialised engineering studies, and laboratory and field tests on equipment and materials, as well as quality management systems and supplies.
For us this achievement represents a significant milestone in Mexico, given that few companies in the sector manage to earn this certification and Ormazabal has obtained it in its most representative product systems. Also, this approval makes us a relevant actor in medium-voltage cubicles for both CFE substations, and those of the private and renewable sectors.