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Tertiary | 2 Jul 2014

ea cubicles for the Bavarian university

Ingolstadt Technical University, founded in 1994, has agreed with the Bavarian Ministry of Science to duplicate its university places for first year students up to 1000. At Ormazabal we have been chosen to supply the medium-voltage switchgear to meet this new electrical demand.

As a result of the dimensions of the site within the university, modular, extendible cubicles are required. For the first phase of this extension we have supplied the interconnection substation for the university, fitted with ea 20-kV air-insulated cubicles.

The modular design of this ea electrical switchgear provides several benefits:

*The circuit-breaker with a removable drawer provides higher continuity in the supply service. This feature also facilitates maintenance, location and troubleshooting work.
*Internal-arc proof design guarantees optimum protection for people, an essential requirement given the highly-transited nature of the area.