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Global | 11 Mar 2016

Excellent Training IHK Awards Prize to Ormazabal for Junior Staff Development

The Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) Mittlerer Niederrhein has given the “Best Vocational Training Company in the Commercial-Technical Sector” award to Ormazabal. By awarding this prize, the IHK paid tribute to Markus Wissing’s outstanding achievement. In 2012, he started his training as an electronics technician for industrial systems at this Krefeld-based medium voltage specialist and passed the final exam with 99.5 points out of 100.

In a festive ambience, the IHK paid tribute to the best trainees, training companies, vocational colleges and further training graduates 2015. This year, 5983 trainees in 151 professions have taken IHK exams, some 337 of whom graduated with the degree “very good”.
Ormazabal ideally prepares its employees for these examinations. Young professionals and their trainers meet regularly. In the final phase of their apprenticeship, the trainees can take part in a special course to be well prepared for the final IHK exam. Markus Wissing enthuses about the dual education system he was given by the medium voltage specialist: “Ormazabal is an excellent apprenticing company and employer, as it operates internationally and places great emphasis on training.”
The company was awarded the IHK prize for best performance state-wide in training electronics technicians for industrial systems. Thomas Hartkämper, Ormazabal’s Managing Director for East and Central Europe, is delighted about these accomplishments. “Junior staff development is important to us. Under the leadership of Leire Zarraga, our Human Capital department has done an excellent job.”
By offering performance-oriented training, the provider of all-in-one solutions for energy distribution counteracts the lack of skilled talent in Germany. According to this, Ormazabal has hired Markus Wissing after completing his traineeship, and can thus bank on an additional specialist for final-testing of switchgear.