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RES | 20 Mar 2020

Global solution with local development in Australia

  • The award for the solar plant located in Cohuna (Victoria, Australia) has consisted of providing a distribution centre with secondary distribution switchgear in collaboration with a local partner.
  • Connection to the grid of a 275MW renewable energy generation plant.
The 275 MW Cohuna Solar Farm plant consists of some 100,000 solar panels installed on 82.5 hectares of land. Ormazabal, with the collaboration of a local partner, has supplied 18 functional units of cgmcosmos 24 kV for the network connection point.
An excellent opportunity in the Oceania region that Ormazabal has been able to take advantage of, by following the principle of think globally, act locally, within the context, in which major importance is being given by the local authorities to the content and compliance with local regulations in project evaluations.