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Grupo Ormazabal becomes renamed Velatia

Bilbao, 17 September 2012. The history of a company is also written through the evolution of its brands.  For this reason, from now on Grupo Ormazabal is Velatia.

Velatia is a common global brand that strengthens all the companies that make up the Group and removes the confusion that could previously have arisen due to the name of the Group being identical to that of the electrical business.  

As regards the visual features of the brand, the chosen typeface, whose characters are connected, reflects the union of the Group, while the colours reflect its essence: blue, a symbol of trust and part of the history of the company; and orange, as a colour associated with innovation and technology.

From now on, Velatia symbolizes the values shared by the companies in the Group; the ones that make them grow and look to the future with a single identity.

The companies that make up Velatia will keep the same names: Ormazabal, Ikusi, Wec, Tecnoexpress, Knock, Ribate, Gosa, Polsa, Tecnichapa and Uniblock. It is only the Group which takes on a new brand and corporate image.

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