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Infrastructure | 19 Nov 2013

The highest cable car in the world

Ormazabal, through our partner  EQUISET is participating in the modernisation project of the cable car that links the city of Mérida with the Pico Espejo, at an altitude of 4765 m above sea level, located in the Sierra Nevada of the Venezuelan Andes.
This cable car, considered the largest in the world by the combination of length travelled and height overcome, has been out of service since August 2008. 2011 saw the start of a total renovation project that will make this the most modern cable car in the world. The re-launch of this infrastructure is scheduled for July 2014.
The supply from Ormazabal has consisted in fully gas-insulated switchgear from the CGMCOSMOS system. This technology is ideally suited for this type of facility as the medium-voltage circuit is protected from atmospheric changes, needs low maintenance, and is proven to be robust with more than 1 million units installed worldwide.