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Ikusi and Samsung enter into a strategic alliance for developing an information solution for airports

Ikusi and Samsung have joined forces to develop a complete airport information solution. Ikusi has taken charge of developing a new function and has made changes in the software for its airport information solution to make it compatible with the new intelligent controller technology integrated in Samsung monitors, the Samsung Smart Signage Platform, that will soon be in airports all over the world.

The transformations developed by Ikusi enable Samsung's information platform to work and update information without an external PC. These are changes that provide airport managers numerous advantages because they reduce costs while making installation and maintenance tasks easier.

In the words of Jeong-hwan Kim, Senior Vice President of Samsung Electronics’ Visual Display Business, “En palabras del vicepresidente senior de Negocio de Dispositivos Visuales de SamSung  Electronics, Jeong-hwan Kim, “esperamos poder colaborar con numerosos distribuidores de TI dedicados al mercado global de sistemas informáticos para aeropuertos, incluidos Ikusi, para desarrollar soluciones innovadoras que reduzcan el coste total de propiedad y para ofrecer las soluciones más efectivas basadas en la plataforma de señalización inteligente Smart Signage Platform de Samsung.”.”
The airport sector opens up a promising business opportunity for Samsung's screens for the business use division. With Samsung's intelligent display platform and Ikusi's solution, the strategic alliance between the two companies will make it possible to provide a much more economical solution to the airport FIDS (Flight Information Display System) market.