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Ikusi Multimedia presents its Customer Area: an exclusive service to facilitate and improve the relationship with the customer

It is a multi-channel platform that combines personal, telephone and online attention.

This service can be accessed at or via the Ikusi Multimedia website

The Multimedia Unit has taken another step in its commitment to putting the customer at the centre of its activity, promoting the new Customer Area. This service is designed from a multi-channel perspective, defined as the combination of personal, telephone and online communication.

One of the main new features of the Customer Area is the creation of a specific web page, which can be accessed via the website or Interventions with the customer of different services, information and transactions are channelled from here and organised into four main sections: Assistance in new projects, Commercial & order assistance, Administrative assistance and Technical assistance.

It is a web page with intuitive and friendly navigation, developed from the viewpoint of the customer, and which aims to empathise with the customer in order to establish loyalty and a relationship model based on proximity, immediacy, availability, transparency, commitment, simplicity and convenience, among other qualities.

A service designed for and by the customer

The creation of the new Customer Area is based on an in-depth analysis of the different processes that occur in the customer relationship, in order to then be able to reflect from the point of view of the customer on his/her priorities, so as to determine which processes the Customer Area should begin to tackle in the initial phase. It was concluded that issues related to technical incidents, repairs and refunds were perceived by customers to be of high importance. With this in mind, Ikusi, putting itself in the position of the customer, defined how those processes should occur in an ideal situation for the customer and has reflected this in its new Customer Area.

This new service of Ikusi Multimedia has a global vision, thus all of the processes that the Multimedia Unit has identified that occur in the relationship with the customers, will be incorporated progressively.