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RES | 6 Sep 2013

Marcona wind farm

Ormazabal will be present in the Marcona wind farm, which will be installed in the Ica region (Peru), with a total power capacity of 32MW. This onshore wind farm will consist of 11 wind turbine generator systems (8 with a power of 3.15 MW + 3 with a power of 2.3 MW) and will have an annual production of around 150 GWh. 
Ormazabal integrates complete wind power solutions, providing 11 metal containers that contain power transformers from 2600 kVA to 3400 kVA and CGMCOSMOS fully gas-insulated cubicles.
Thus Ormazabal adds another success to our long list of renewable energy projects developed in Latin America, where we are present in more than 60 wind farms. More than 10 years of experience in this sector is the guarantor that today makes Ormazabal world leaders in the supply of medium-voltage switchgear for offshore wind farms.