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New Mac HD modulator

Ikusi is launching the new Mac HD modulator in response to the increasing demand for implementation of High Definition systems. This is in line with the company’s goal of designing equipment that continuously evolves, whilst adapting to new needs that arise on the market and amongst users.
The Mac HD modulator has been fully developed, designed and manufactured by Ikusi and Ikusi alone. This sets this type of equipment apart from its competitors and is very much appreciated on the market, because it means that the manufacturer has complete control over the whole process and can therefore incorporate new technological breakthroughs in the product, as they arise. It also means that the manufacturer can offer better customer support, with greater quality and added value, as it has in-depth knowledge of the product and the technology used in it.
There are still very few modulators of this type on the market and even fewer ones like Ikusi’s Mac HD, that let you choose the output format, standard definition (SD) or high definition (HD). This feature is especially sought-after by businesses in industries like the hotel sector, where many establishments have  today the TV in SD format and will migrate to HD format in the near future. The Mac HD modulator can work in both scenarios.
Unlike other modulators, the Mac HD also has an HDMI input and an HD-SDI input, the latter being especially useful in CCTV monitoring systems, as it becomes increasingly common for cameras to be fitted with HD outputs.

The new Mac HD’s USB port can also be used to playback videos, making it an ideal platform for broadcasting digital adverts. This option is especially suitable for hotel establishments that wish to create their own corporate channel, easily and at low-cost, with a video quality comparable to that found in professional television broadcast equipment.
Ikusi’s Mac HD modulator can also be controlled remotely over the internet and comes with the LCN function, allowing users to configure a single network incorporating the modulator and headend equipment.
As we have seen, the Mac HD modulator comes with a whole array of new features and yet it is very user-friendly and easy to configure and set up. This makes the modulator a unique product on the market, which will fulfil the standards and requirements of even the most demanding installers.