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Global | 4 May 2020

New Solutions Team in Germany

Special projects require special solutions - and not off-the-shelf products. Ormazabal comes to this conclusion with regards to the increasingly consulting-intensive and transnational projects on the German market. Handling such projects as standard no longer meets customer expectations. In many cases, the focus is no longer on product features, but on individual requirements. The sales department must therefore also be able to offer project-specific solution packages that already include comprehensive consulting and services - even on an international level.  For this purpose, Ormazabal has created its own solutions team in Germany.
The introduction of the Solutions Team in Germany followed the international model. Ormazabal's corporate headquarters had already set up such a department in 2008. "Customers with complex projects, such as those involving the energy supply of hospitals, data centres or airports, require tailor-made solutions. Standard products are not going to help them," explains Diego Cámara, who has already helped set up Ormazabal's first solutions department.  Following the success of the concept in Spain, it was initially extended to Mexico in 2015. In 2019, Diego Cámara followed the call to Germany, one of Ormazabal's key markets, to set up and manage the solutions department there.
"Of course, you can't transfer the concept 1-to-1, you have to adapt it to the regional market," says Cámara, "We have to understand what the customer really needs, ask the right questions and, if necessary, suggest alternatives. This is also particularly important with regard to pioneering smart grid projects. Our added value is close personal contact and individual service for complex projects," says Diego Cámara, describing the approach of the new team, which includes three dedicated project managers in addition to himself. A dedicated contact person always accompanies the entire project, starting with the definition of the requirements and the economic framework, through to delivery and commissioning. He coordinates all parties involved and is the point of contact for any challenges that may arise until project completion.
The new solutions team has already successfully implemented several projects. One of them is the delivery of a control substation completely pre-assembled in an ISO standard container for a project of a German customer in the Ivory Coast. Further, the team is currently supporting a major German charging station operator in setting up several fast electric car charging stations outside Prague. "In a globalized world, we meet the challenges of international projects with equally international know-how," emphasizes Diego Cámara, "We can always rely on the support of colleagues from the other branches and develop ideas together. The direct exchange with the customer is also essential. "We may not have a direct answer for every customer problem, but together we will find a solution that meets their needs." The goal of the solutions team is ultimately always to make special solutions the standard at some point and then take on the next challenge.