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RES | 12 Sep 2019

Ormazabal and Netze BW focus on synergies

Ormazabal and Netze BW focus on synergies
How can growing demands, that result from the increased integration of many small, decentralised feeders and the increasingly complex network structures, be met? How can more data transmission and more regulations be managed? By combining know-how and exploiting synergy effects. This is the common philosophy of Ormazabal and Netze BW. For more than ten years, we have been supplying medium-voltage solutions to the largest distribution network operator in Baden-Württemberg. Now we are taking the cooperation to a new level: with a partnership at eye level, Netze BW and Ormazabal together offer customers a convenient all-in-one service package. Netze BW is an expert in feed-in management, and Ormazabal’s strengths is medium-voltage technology. Together, we will develop advanced solutions for grid connection.
One example is the Goldboden-Winterbach wind farm, which was commissioned by EnBW near Stuttgart in 2017. Michael Schäfer, Manager Network Services in the Black Forest-Neckar region at Netze BW, explains the special feature of this project: "We are working on a different voltage level here. Normally, the grid connection is made via a 10 to 20 kV line. At the Goldboden-Winterbach wind farm, however, we're dealing with 30 kV." In order to deal with the large amount of energy that is fed into the grid, Ormazabal has adapted an MV switchgear of type cgm.3 specifically for this project. The modular and compact cubicles were supplemented according to the special requirements, thus solving the problem.

Netze BW and Ormazabal recently succeeded in winning a major customer from the photovoltaic sector. The cooperation is thus on a good, successful path.