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Electric Vehicle | 16 Oct 2020

Ormazabal brings Hannover's first ultra-fast enercity charging station to the grid

Imagine recharging your car while enjoying a cappuccino or a meal with friends. In Hannover this is now a reality. Located in the parking lot of a restaurant and catering business, conveniently situated on the A2 and B6 motorways, the local energy provider enercity has set up a total of 10 charging points for e-cars, including three charging terminals with six AC charging points with up to 22 kW charging capacity as well as four DC quick charging points with up to 350 kW charging capacity. Here drivers can charge their e-cars in just a few minutes. As there was no grid connection in place yet, enercity turned to Ormazabal, who is the main supplier of enercity for medium voltage solutions for many years already.
At the start of the project, Ormazabal developed a concept for the special application and designed the building for the switching station. A special requirement was the transformer, which had to specifically be designed for the high charging capacity. In cooperation with the international Ormazabal business units, the local sales department in Germany was able to offer a custom-made, 800 kVA e-mobility transformer, that was individually tailored to the project. A type ga630 block switchgear was installed in the station for medium voltage distribution. Due to the very compact design of the switchgear, the building could be dimensioned accordingly small: The concrete station measures just 2.4 by 2.6 meters. The low-voltage distribution of a third-party supplier was also integrated at the Ormazabal factory. Ormazabal also ensured that the switchgear and station building were tested in accordance with EN 62271-202.
"We greatly appreciate Ormazabal's reliability, speed and flexibility, for example in the way the special requirements of the project were addressed. This applies in particular to the technical equipment of the station, but also to design aspects that were important to our project partner Finca Bar Celona," says Jan Trense, Services Division Manager at enercity.