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RES | 16 Nov 2020

Ormazabal connects over 13 GW of photovoltaic solar power worldwide

With 629 GW of solar power installed around the world, 2019 is the second most important year in terms of contribution, amounting to 115 GW of installed power (a 12% increase on 2018).
This new boost for photovoltaics comes from sustainability policies and directives both nationally and around the world, as well as the emergence of new energy markets to support and develop the photovoltaic industry over the long term.
Incipient digitalisation and automation, adaptation to network code requirements, and size of transformer stations are some of the challenges facing the new processes and requirements brought by this radical change in the solar market. Alongside its main stakeholders, Ormazabal has met these challenges through a clear commitment to innovation, allowing more than 13 GW of solar power to be deployed globally while doubling our contribution over the last year.
All of this represents a record figure for Ormazabal, with an accumulated total in excess of 27 GW worldwide over the course of its almost 20 years' experience in the photovoltaic sector.