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RES | 29 Mar 2019

Ormazabal consolidates its position as one of the world's leading suppliers of medium-voltage solutions for the wind power market

Our presence in the wind sector continues to grow year after year. One of every five turbines installed around the world in 2018, connecting a total of 51.3 GW of wind capacity to the grid(*), is protected by our equipment: full gas insulation cubicles with ekor.wtp protection units specifically developed for these applications.
Thanks to over 20 years' experience in the wind segment, we have connected 50 GW to the grid in more than 50 countries, including the United States, Brazil, Mexico, China, Australia and Spain.
Our global industrial footprint, with more than 12 production facilities around the world, and our ability to service customers locally, make us a benchmark supplier approved by the world's leading wind turbine manufacturers.
Our customised medium-voltage solutions have been developed and manufactured to meet the increasingly demanding needs of the wind market in terms of both reliability and also safety for equipment and people, even in extreme climatic and environmental conditions. In this regard we have developed the HCR range, evolving our cubicles to ensure high resistance to aggressive environments.
We work on technologies based on IoG –Internet of Grids– (IoT adapted to the electrical network), integrating intelligent electronic devices (IED) for real-time information on network status, to take measurements, etc. These data can be used to diagnose the health of the equipment and define predictive maintenance tasks, helping to extend the facility's working life.