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RES | 22 Apr 2013

Ormazabal in the first Gamesa offshore wind turbine generator system

Ormazabal has participated in the development of the first prototype of the wind turbine generator system for Gamesa offshore wind power installations, named Gamesa G128, with a unit power of 5 MW.
The prototype of this wind turbine generator system is due to start up during the second half of 2013 in Arinaga (Gran Canaria - Spain). The Medium-voltage network of this installation will consist of Ormazabal protection and automation equipment and units.
Ormazabal, with more than 10 years of experience in offshore wind power installations, is a global leader in the total power installed in medium-voltage equipment in this type of wind farm. Through its participation in 600 wind farms, more than 20 GW of renewable energy is injected into the electrical system by our equipment.
The installation in Arinaga will have fully-insulated Ormazabal cubicles from the CGM.3 system up to 40.5 kV, which are ideal for this type of installation, due to their characteristics:
  • Fully gas insulated providing resistance to harsh environmental conditions. Their driving mechanisms support tests of 450 h of saline mist.
  • Reduced dimensions and weight, enabling a simple insertion through the tower door.
  • Optimised operational costs due to their low maintenance.
Additionally, the protection and automation system consists of Ormazabal's own technology, such as ekorRCI, ekorRPGci and ekorUCT units.
This is an example of our focus to offer the best solution in response to the needs of our customers. The identification of their needs and a close partnership enables us to design the optimum solution. Their complete satisfaction is achieved by combining an extensive range of medium-voltage electrical distribution products and a wide range of personalised services.