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Electric Vehicle | 20 Aug 2019

Ormazabal offers solutions for electric mobility

Worldwide, due to the urgency of halting climate change, there is an effort to reduce energy-related CO2 emissions. One measure to reduce CO2 emissions in the transport sector is the switch to electric power as a drive source. However, this development poses major challenges not only for the automotive industry and manufacturers of energy storage devices. The infrastructure and power grids must also be expanded accordingly. Ormazabal therefore offers flexible and smart solutions for connecting electric vehicle charging stations to the grid that take into account local conditions as well as individual customer requirements.
Charging the constantly growing number of electric vehicles can be a challenge for the distribution network that can only be met by digitizing the network. Our switchgears used for this purpose are equipped with protective relays and automation systems for monitoring and remote control. Ormazabal's compact stations, specially designed for electrical installations, can be adapted to suit the application. Our commitment to innovation also includes the development of more sustainable products. One example is the, a medium-voltage transformer filled with biodegradable, natural insulating liquid. This represents an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional transformers and achieves higher levels of performance and durability. All components in the charging station, including the low-voltage distribution, are assembled in our factory and delivered ready for connection. Ormazabal's portfolio also includes services such as engineering, installation and commissioning as well as technical support to provide a complete solution for electromobility.