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Tertiary | 29 Jun 2022

Ormazabal participates in these sustainable houses, ...for ducks!

Known to all lovers of foie gras, this producer will now benefit from the installation of photovoltaic roofing on his own land. From now on, the solar panels, installed by Zénith Solaire, will shelter the ducks from the cold weather and the rain. On top of this, a protective net has also been installed between each roofing in order to prevent migratory birds from spreading the avian flu.

In accordance with the grid operator's requirements, Ormazabal has proposed and supplied a solution to manage the input of a very low inrush current at 2.9 pu (natively integrated in the transformers), which avoids disturbances in the distribution grid.

This optimal solution allows housing a large hybrid concrete prefabricated substation, containing both the delivery and the transformer substation, together with our cgmcosmos medium voltage switchgear, a 2500kVA transformer and a technical room for low voltage and supervision.