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Public Distribution | 2 Aug 2017

Ormazabal receives Mainova AG approval

Through a long-term co-operation with companies such as E.ON AG, RWE AG, EnBW, Thüga AG and EWE AG, Ormazabal is well-represented all over Germany as a framework contract partner for medium voltage technology.
The Thüga AG is the largest network of municipal energy- and water providers in Germany, including about 100 utilities. Ormazabal is prequalified at the Thüga purchasing group and is therefore one main supplier for their members. These include, among others Mainova, Badenova, EWF Waldeck Frankenberg and N-Ergie.
Last year, Ormazabal received the approval for all switchgears of type gae630, gae1250 and ga from the Mainova AG. We are thus one of the main suppliers of medium-voltage switchgear for projects in the greater Frankfurt area and the entire Rhine-Main region