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RES | 13 Sep 2012

Ormazabal supplies electrical equipment for Iberdrola Ingenieria

Ormazabal has got a supply contract with Iberdrola Ingeniería in Brazil. Undoubtedly, it is an important project that consolidates the international presence of Ormazabal and specifically in Brazil, a market with a big growth capacity.

Nowadays emerging markets are which allow to electrical utilities invest in their facilities and in the electrical network because is there where they can get returns. In this context is where Ormazabal has obtained an important order from Iberdrola Ingeniería in Brazil.

Specifically, Ormazabal will supply to Iberdrola Ingeniería substation cubicles and wind turbine cubicles for the wind farm "Projeto Leilão 2010" in Brasil. It is Medium Voltage equipment for 144 wind turbines and 35 primary distribution equipment for substations. This equipment will be installed in the states of Rio Grande do Norte and Bahia.
International presence of Ormazabal

Ormazabal strengthens its international expansion which has gained importance in recent years. In fact, Ormazabal has a significant presence throughout the world Germany, Argentina, Brazil, China, Spain, France, Poland, Portugal and Turkey and it is present in over 50 countries through subsidiaries and distributors.