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Public Distribution | 3 Feb 2017

Ormazabal to supply automated cubicles to Iberdrola over the next two years

Iberdrola has awarded Ormazabal a contract for the supply of automated cubicles for transformer stations. These stations will be fitted with medium-voltage cubicles, along with tele-management cabinets for enhanced network intelligence.
The contract awarded is worth over 10 million euros per year and will last for 24 months.

Ormazabal focuses its activity on manufacturing and installing electrical equipment such as transformer substations, primary and secondary distribution cubicles, distribution transformers and tele-control and automation equipment for networks, along with SMART-GRID technology and solutions to improve electrical networks by moving towards smart grids. All these products are for medium-voltage electrical network distribution.
Smart grids: STAR project
The STAR project (Tele-Management and Network Automation Systems) is an ambitious initiative set up by Iberdrola in 2009 which aims to remotely monitor domestic consumption and implement technological solutions in transformer stations. These solutions, provided by Ormazabal, allow better management of medium-voltage networks, improving the quality of supply, carrying out remote network fault diagnostics, and even running equipment automatically in the event of a short circuit, isolating the failed section to keep the number of customers affected to a minimum.
The project, which is already under way in Castile-La Mancha, Castile-León, Extremadura, Madrid Region, the Basque Country, Murcia, Navarre, La Rioja and Valencia Region, allows 10.6 million traditional meters to be replaced with new smart units, along with the adaptation of around 84 000 transformer substations to include tele-management, supervision and automation capabilities.

About Ormazabal

Ormazabal, a Velatia company, is one of the most important suppliers of equipment and services for medium-voltage electrical distribution networks, and counts on over 1800 employees, generating annual turnover in excess of 385 million euros.

The company has extensive experience in internationalisation, as demonstrated by its presence in Germany, Argentina, Brazil, China, Colombia, USA, Spain, France, Malaysia, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom and Turkey, among others, in addition to a further 50 countries through subsidiaries and distributors.


VELATIA is an international industrial and technology group dedicated to electrical networks, electronics and communication networks, as well as offering services in consultancy, security and aeronautics.
The group comprises eleven companies: Ormazabal, Ikusi, Wec, Knock, Stratenergy, Homm, Smarmec, Uniblok, Polsa, Tecnichapa, and Gosa. With revenue of 575 million euros, Velatia is made up of over 3000 professionals who carry out their activities on all five continents, committed to innovation in order to meet customer requirements.