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RES | 20 Oct 2020

Ormazabal is working alongside Acciona on the first floating photovoltaic plant connected to the grid in Spain

Sierra Brava reservoir in Cáceres province, which covers an area of 12.000 m2, has counted on solar capacity of 1,125 MWp since last March, and is now equipped with an Ormazabal digital step-up transformer.
Thanks to its built-in sensor, Ormazabal's digital transformer can capture operating data such as temperatures of oil and windings, dissolved gases and internal pressure in real time, and allow them to be monitored remotely. The information obtained not only shows trends in terms of operation, but also is the basis on which to develop new predictive maintenance models which can help anticipate failures before they occur, leading to a reduction in operating costs at the plant.
Moreover, understanding actual operating conditions at this new plant and in other similar projects already underway is allowing Ormazabal to optimise its solution for the photovoltaic sector.