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RES | 30 Nov 2012

Prouville Wind Farm

Ormazabal participated in the extension of the Prouville wind farm providing the first delivery in France of an Ormazabal substation of 7.40 m length and 2.60 m width, as well as the cubicles for the substation and for the turbine mast.
This is the 3rd project of Ormazabal France with EPDR , the renewable energy subsidiary of EPD (Electricity of Portugal) and the first installation fully equipped with Ormazabal products.
This project means the first collaboration between Ormazabal France and Ormazabal Polska, due to the manufacture of the concrete enclosure in our new Polish factory , whereas the integration of the electrical equipment (MV cubicles, automatisms and a 8 MVA passive filter) was performed in our factory of Ormapost in France.