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Tertiary | 24 Jul 2020

Real-time simulation in the Smart Grid Lab - Ormazabal participates in university research project on the intelligent network

How does our electric grid deal with the fluctuating voltage from wind and solar energy? How does it behave when a large number of electric cars are charging simultaneously? The new Smart Grid Technology Lab at technical university of Dortmund is researching these current questions.
At the "ie³", the Institute for Energy Systems, Energy Efficiency and Energy Economics at the Technical University, various grid situations are realistically simulated in the laboratory.  For the conversion from medium to low voltage in the test environment a special transformer was required, which compensates for unacceptable voltage fluctuations - fully automatic and on the basis of a predefined control algorithm. Ormazabal supplied a smart transformer with on-load tap changers (OLTC), whose control system was specially tailored to the laboratory's requirements.
Ormazabal was able to draw on the experience of its own smart grid laboratory, which the company operates near its headquarters in Spain. The experiments can now be run remotely from the Smart Grid Technology Lab's control room via an Ormazabal switchgear of type gae630.