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Infrastructure | 25 Mar 2014

We move longest cable car in the world

As well as participating in the construction of the highest cable car in the world in Venezuela, Ormazabal has also participated in another milestone infrastructure in the history of Bolivia.

The longest cable car in the world will join 90 areas of the cities of La Paz (3650 msnm) and El Alto (4070 msnm) through three corridors: the Green, Yellow and Red lines. It will have 10 kilometres of urban connection, with a 20-kilometre guide cable, 11 stations and it will operate for 17 hours a day, transporting 18,000 people per hour, with an output frequency of 12 seconds.

Ormazabal has supplied 8 CGMCOSMOS fully gas-insulated cubicles with 24 kV insulation voltage. This technology, whose medium voltage circuit is protected from atmospheric changes, is ideal for installations at height, has a low need for maintenance, and proven robustness with more than 1 million units installed worldwide.