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Public Distribution | 24 Oct 2013

We participate in EDF's Concept Grid

More than 15 years of joint collaboration have enabled  EDF to trust Ormazabal to participate in the Concept Grid project, an experimental platform that is unique in the world and designed to anticipate and to accompany the evolution of the electrical systems toward intelligent networks.
EDF has developed a new testing tool, dedicated to the development of intelligent networks through the study of equipment and systems in real operating conditions. Located in the area of research and development (R&D) that EDF has in Renardières (Seine-et-Marne), this experimental platform offers the possibility of carrying out voltage tests in complex conditions that would be impossible to carry out in the real network.
EDF has reproduced a residential area with 5 houses of 20m² each, which include: smart counters, remote controlled devices, reversible heat pumps, micro-turbines, photovoltaic panels, stations for electric vehicles, load storage solutions, etc.
In its 3 km long, medium-voltage network (20 kV), Ormazabal has installed a PREFORMA-PF transformer substation, named Equelles, which has integrated fully gas-insulated CGMCOSMOS switchgear under IEC standards. In addition, CGMCOSMOS HN switchgear was provided under HN regulations for the transformer substation named ER-14. We completed our participation with the installation, assembly and commissioning of the site.
The complex evolution of the electrical networks, the growing demand and the requirement of increased reliability, safety and efficiency of the network highlights the need to take a leap forward in technology. At Ormazabal we are aware of this and have the ability to offer all the necessary elements for the development of advanced solutions.