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MV Customer Supply



Protection, Metering and Control Unit, used in conjunction with circuit-breaker functions for general protection. It is self powered through current transformers, it is software configurable and communicable with history logs.


  • Power Range: 50 kVA - 25 MVA
  • Protection Functions:
    • Over current
      • Phase over current (3 x 50/51)
      • Earth faults (50N/51N)
      • Sensitive earth faults (50Ns/51Ns)
    • External Trip: Protection function (49T)
    • Recloser function: Protection function (79) [With integrated control ekorRPGci]
    • Earth fault detection from 0.5 A
    • Possibility of testing primary and secondary of current transformers
  • Communications (RS-485) and programming software (RS-232)
  • History logs
  • Current and zero sequence measurements Io, I1, I2, I3
  • Self powered from 5 A in one phase
  • Optional integrated control (Auxiliary power supply)