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ekor.rpt, unidad de proteccion de transformadores


Protection, Metering and Control Unit, used with functions for transformer protection. It contributes to the fuse protection with over current and low value phase to earth faults protection. It is self powered through current transformers, software configurable and communicable with history logs.


  • Power Range: 50 kVA-2500 kVA
  • Protection Functions:
    • Over current
      • Phase over current (3 x 50/51)
      • Earth faults (50N/51N)
      • Sensitive earth faults (50Ns/51Ns)
    • External Trip: Protection function (49T)
    • Earth fault detection from 0.5 A
    • Possibility of testing primary and secondary of current transformers
  • Communications (RS-485) and programming software (RS-232)
  • History logs
  • Current and zero sequence measurements Io, I1, I2, I3
  • Self powered from 5 A in one phase
  • Optional integrated control (Auxiliary power supply)