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Protection DNS



The ekor.rpa multifunctional protection, metering and control unit offers scalable levels of functionality and hardware options to best suit protection requirements, and allows to choose the most effective solution for MV applications.

All these features cover the current and future requisites of the distribution network.

To meet those demands the ekor.rpa has been designed according to international standards as well as grid code requirements and recommendations.



In-cubicle integrated solution
  • Fully-assembled and tested in factoryBorneros de ensayo integrados
    • Integrated test terminal blocks
    • Current transformers installed on bushings
    • Safety redundance: back-up tripping coil
  • Reduced commissioning
    • Compact solution pre-tested in factory
  • Reliability
    • MTBF optimization
    • Programable automatism vs wired ones
  • Personnel safety
    • Programable integrated interlocks
    • Alarms
  • Modular functionality
    • Self-powered protection features
    •  Scalable automatism, protection functions and communications
    • Remote control and communications
  • Operation and maintenance
    • LCD display
    • Configurable LEDs
    •  Control and operation through SCADA
    • Local/remote supervision, maintenance and parametrization via Web
    • Faults and event register
    • Real time MV measurement (I, V, P, Q, E)
  • Non-proprietary configuration software
    • Configuración vía web o archivo xml
Hardware flexibility
  • 9/4 DI/O, optional extension
  • Voltage measuring through different in-cubicle integrated alternatives
    • Ormazabal capacitive/resistive voltage sensors
    • Ormazabal capacitive dividers inside precast bushings
  • Voltage Transformers
  • Current measuring through integrated Ormazabal current transformers
    • High sensitivity and low noise
    • Wide range