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Puntos de Segunda Maniobra

Secondary Switching Points

Ormazabal provides solutions for protection, measurement and remote control in secondary switching points in distribution networks for the improvement of power quality.
For this purpose it is used the following electronic units integrated in Ormazabal's circuit breaker cubicles:
  • ekorRPS: Multifunctional protection unit, it acts as an independent protection, measurement and control unit or integrated in a protection and control system.
  • ekorUCT: Compact remote control unit developed for the automation and remote control of cubicles with integrated control units in Transformer and Switching.


  • Transformer Substations
  • To avoid incidents that can affect the main cable in the outgoing of the feeder.
  • Industrial customers
  • Switching substations
  • Division of the main cable into a number of outputs
  • Differentiated sector types
  • Rural switching substations
  • Protection of the main line against interferences in the outgoings of the feeders.
  • Earthed reclosures under pole