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Ormazabal offers hermetically sealed, gas-filled transformers with an in-house on-load tap changer (OLTC) to regulate at low voltage without any power interruptions. Combined with the ekor.tsm control unit and its regulation algorithms, the transformer keeps the voltage in distribution networks stable, offsetting medium-voltage fluctuations and reacting dynamically in low voltage to changes in load and distributed generation (electrical mobility and renewable energy sources).
The ekor.tsm control unit not only allows voltage regulation, but also the option of remote tasks from the control post, along with communication of network parameter measurements or transformer protection functions.
The innovative design of the OLTC allows compact smart transformers which take up floor space equivalent to the conventional transforma family range.


Power:                    up to 2000 kVA
Primary voltage:       up to 24 kV

Secondary voltage:   according to customer requirements

IEC 60076            Power transformers
IEC 60214            Tap-changers
IEC 61000            Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)