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Wind Turbine Protection



The dual & self powered ekor.wtp protection, metering and control unit combines a full range of equipment to form comprehensive wind turbine generator protection units.

The constantly increasing demands in wind farms result in new requirements for both MV switchgear and associated protection functions. The ekor.wtp range is designed through each phase of its life cycle to respond to the variously changing demands of a wind turbine generator: From its design phase to the operation and maintenance phase during the total working hours of a wind turbine generator, the ekor.wtp non-stopped optimizes the performance and energy production of on/offshore WTGs, improves turbine reliability and grid service capacity, while keeping them protected against electrical faults.


Wind turbine approach


Wind Turbine Protection:

·          Self-powered relay for overcurrent protection on every earthing system
·          Trip acceleration for internal faults
·          High reliability tripping
·          Trip block on inrush current
·          Watch-dog
·          Harsh environment performance
·          Scalable & compact solution

Grid code compliance:

·          Sequential reconnection
·          Voltage dips

Tailor-made solutions:

·          Low temperature disconnection/reconnection
·          Extreme weather events automation
·          Integration with other devices and information exchange

·          Solution fully-assembled & tested in factory
·          Factory testing reports


·          Reduced commissioning:
·          Compact solution pre-tested in factory
·          CTs installed around the bushings from factory
·          Event & fault log

Operation & Maintenance

·          Remote control and operation
·          Local and remote access through webserver
·          Faults and events register
·          Oscillography for fault analyzing
·          MV measurements (I, V, Q, P)
·          Diagnosis tools:
               o    Installation insulation: compatibility with partial discharge measurements
               o    Power transformer ageing: MV/LV measurements
·          Personnel safety: interlocking automation, alarms, etc.
               o    Non-proprietary configuration software