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Compact Electrical Assemblies according to the standard EN 50532.
"An assembly whose functional units, located next to each other, are modified to achieve non-conventional interconnection or to reduce the size of the assembly".
Ormazabal MB is an associated type (A) compact electrical assembly, designed to be incorporated in both prefabricated transformer substations and in premises for transformer substations, in public or private distribution networks up to 36 kV.
As a result of the manufacture, assembly, equipment and tests carried out entirely in the factory, MB offers consistent quality and a significant reduction in costs and installation time, putting a transformer substation rapidly into service.
The MB compact electrical assemblies are used in a multitude of Distribution Network Solutions (DNS) for utilities (public distribution, smartgrids… ), end-users of electrical energy (infrastructure, industry and tertiary) and renewable energy.
The main advantage of these assemblies is their high safety and protection, both for people and property, against internal defects, IAC classification, in addition to robustness and
Up to now more than 8500 MB have been installed all over the world.
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